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What Clients Say About Us

We love genuine feedback and going beyond just business.
What we loved in our first year of collaboration: reactivity, partnership, automation, always come with new ideas, super fast and talented, hybrid vision between business & technical, smile & good mood."
iProspect France
Capucine Even & Manal Ettoubaji
One Viz Team
"ClimbinSearch is one of the three pillars that differentiate us in the Romanian market. It helps us develop strategies, synergies and win digital media pitches. It also helps us build, measure and learn from synergy tests."
Digital Climbers
Loredana Neagu
Head of Paid Media
"We brought innovation in our search approach by bringing in ClimbinSearch. The tool allowed the team to come up with a different approach and gave us the possibility to discover the synergy between paid and organic."
Groupe Seb Romania
Laura Birzu
Digital Manager Romania