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Digital Marketing, Data and Development experts united in a single team with the main objective of maximizing ROI. ClimbinSearch idea was born out of years of manually manipulating data, the desire to work faster and smarter, to easily spot opportunities, to make sure the strategy is on track and the budgets are spent efficiently.

Integrated data produces actionable insights

In 2020, due to the COVID lockdown, the 2 founders, Ioana Ciudin and Ionut Vodă, spent more time discussing the idea and developing the MVP which generated positive feedback and had the potential to scale at the global level.
ClimbinSearch is a solution for performance driven brands which understand that people do not care that brands have siloed teams and different strategies for paid and organic search.
ClimbinSearch team truly believes that the solution can mark the start of a new paradigm in Search, where both channels (paid and organic search) will be blended and the performance strategy for search will be user centric.
This is a tool that would be life changing for any business that is performance driven and has a big chunk of its digital business relying on Google Search.
what if you pause paid queries
Automatic SEA - SEO Cannibalization Approach for Search Incremental Results. Request Demo.

Break Down Silos Between Paid and Organic

While people are more impatient and demanding, brands need to get smarter in their approach as well. Consumers search for products and services online before buying these online or in-store. The business cycle begins with search results and each micro-moment is important.

People do not care that brands have siloed teams and different strategies for Paid and Organic Search. As a business, you need to be as visible as possible in Google Search, you need to be relevant for what the user is searching for and you need to give him a frictionless experience. 

A brand needs to put the client at its core, understand intent, break down silos between paid and organic and  increase automation to get insights out of search data, in order to maintain or increase efficiency on budget spending.

Find out more about Organic and Paid Search Synergies in this article.
break down silos between paid and organic search

Search ROI challenges that ClimbinSearch Solves

In our conversations with clients these are the most often discussed challenges:
Understand / know more about SEA and SEO:

- Branded/non branded user searches (Search Overview, Search Visibility)
- How product or services categories are aligned on user searches (Categories Visibility, Categories Evolution)
- Cost & Visibility Analysis (Synergy - Cost & Visibility Analysis)
- Relevance & Visibility Analysis (Synergy - Relevance & Visibility Analysis)

SEA and SEO Audit:

- Google Ads targeting quality (QS - Analysis, QS - Below Average CTR, QS - Below Average Landing Page)
- Content quality from SEO perspective (Core Web Vitals)

Insights / Act on SEA and SEO:

- Improve Google Ads spend based on the level of cannibalization between SEA and SEO (Cannibalization Candidates)
- Consolidate SEO rankings based on integrated data between SEA and SEO (SEO Enrichment, Organic Growth Strategy)
- SEO ROI strategies for eCommerce sites based on integrated user searches between SEA and SEO (Organic Growth Strategy eCommerce ROI)
- Google Search Market Overview

Measure SEA and SEO:

- Effortless all in one reporting for Digital Channels
- Effortless reporting for global multi-country brands, with multiple Google Ads and Google Search Console accounts
- Keep track of focus in queries on SEO (Focus Queries)

Automate SEA and SEO:

- Save budget by using automated cannibalization tests

To tell the story when it matters the most, where it matters the most, using the right wording, you need a Google Search Market Overview Analysis.
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4 Steps to Maximize Search ROI

Visibility across branded/non branded terms, visibility gaps between paid and organic, automatic categorization of user searches, category visibility across channels, define, map and monitor user searches on user decision journey and many more.
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Setup and Initial

Consolidate paid and organic into a single data set / source of truth.

Business Insights Enrichment

Fine tune categorization of user searches with training data or rules, define CDJ.

Build tests for incremental growth

Automatically generate test ideas based on account performance.

Monthly Measure & Learn

Ready to use reports to track search synergy progress and performance.

What Clients Say About Us

We love genuine feedback and going beyond just business.
What we loved in our first year of collaboration: reactivity, partnership, automation, always come with new ideas, super fast and talented, hybrid vision between business & technical, smile & good mood."
iProspect France
Capucine Even & Manal Ettoubaji
One Viz Team
"ClimbinSearch is one of the three pillars that differentiate us in the Romanian market. It helps us develop strategies, synergies and win digital media pitches. It also helps us build, measure and learn from synergy tests."
Digital Climbers
Loredana Neagu
Head of Paid Media
"We brought innovation in our search approach by bringing in ClimbinSearch. The tool allowed the team to come up with a different approach and gave us the possibility to discover the synergy between paid and organic."
Groupe Seb Romania
Laura Birzu
Digital Manager Romania

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