Google Search Market Overview Analysis

Imagine when you search for the most relevant topics for your brand, many web  properties can point to your story, your product, your brand. Below you can discover our analysis to get the best insights for your brand.

Insights to create relevant stories for your brand

To tell the story when it matters the most, where it matters the most, using the right wording, you need data and insights like:
  • relevant search topics categorized by your brand's business interest
  • search volumes and trends by categories and user intent
  • branded and non brand split analysis
  • types of domains that are relevant: Brand Sites, Ecommerce, Partners, Resellers, Publications
  • the visibility your brand has versus competitors, partners/resellers analysis
Search is where people demand to know, they ask and there are relevant results to answer. Understanding Google search universe and the convergence between what people search and what brands have to offer is a golden mine for performance marketers.
Unified Approach for Search
Customer Decision Journey and Categorization

Consumer Decision Journey & Categorization

Each brand has some categories  in focus  and a customer decision journey. We create the rules to automatically map relevant search terms with categories and CDJ steps.
define and map CDJ and Categorization
the most searched keywords by category or CDJ stage
zoom In for all data by any category / topic / CDJ stage
This is the basis for the whole Google Search Market Analysis analysis after defining the topics for research and including all relevant expressions in the analysis.
Automatic SEA - SEO Cannibalization Approach for Search Incremental Results. Read more or Request Demo.

Search Volumes Evolution

The overview over the search terms and their evolution can emphasize some important insights and trends. If a category growth faster than the market or if a brand does so.

You can filter by the step in the customer decision journey, by the category, or zoom in the underlaying data.
what if you pause paid queries
Brand and Domain Visibility Share in Google

Brand & Domain Visibility Share

Imagine when people search for the most relevant topics for your brand, many web  properties can point to your story, your product, your brand. These are the things you can uncover with this analysis:
the number and the type of domains that have relevant visibility within your defined search universe
visibility share by domain type, by branded/not branded expressions searched
top domains that have visibility or view underlaying data with all the relevant domains
In the end the story is what matters, not the channel you use to deliver the story. Think of SERP and all the visibility slots it has to offer. This analysis helps you understand what channels you can use and what indtype of content relevant

Partners Visibility Analysis

Your brand's visibility in your partner's websites matters the most? You can analyze their average position or their visibility for keywords in your search universe and compare them. You can also compare their visibility for different brands, including their visibility for your competitors.
Avg. Position
SERP Position for your focus search terms universe.
Indicator based on CTR in SERP.
Partners or Resellers Visibility in Google Search
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Technology, team, strategy

Two channels with a unified approach, through synergy

4 Steps to Maximize Search ROI

Visibility across branded/non branded terms, visibility gaps between paid and organic, automatic categorization of user searches, category visibility across channels, define, map and monitor user searches on user decision journey and many more.
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Setup and Initial

Consolidate paid and organic into a single data set / source of truth.

Business Insights Enrichment

Fine tune categorization of user searches with training data or rules, define CDJ.

Build tests for incremental growth

Automatically generate test ideas based on account performance.

Monthly Measure & Learn

Ready to use reports to track search synergy progress and performance.

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